December 15th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Storm update, northern Whatcom County

it would seem that Seattle and Tacoma took it on the chin this time. I have across-town reports that the wind howled all night, but over here chez us I don't remember hearing more than a whoop or two outside, and it rained quite a bit but that seemed to be that. We DID lose power sometime during the night because we woke to having to reset the blasted clocks YET AGAIN but it seems to have been a flicker rather than an outage. It lasted less than ten minutes, anyway, because my computer didn't even recycle and was still up and functional this morning when I came down. And they're forecasting a calmer spell now, so we can relax for a bit anyway.

But jkling and mareklamo were due to fly out of Seatac this morning, I think, and I know that ramblin_phyl was also due to travel one of these days. Somehow, from the stories I'm hearing on the news, I don't think any of them will be going anywhere in a hurry today...I really feel for those people stuck in shut-down airports, and the people running the show in said airports who have to bear the brunt of travellers' frustrations through no fault of their own. They keep saying, if you don't have to go anywhere today, stay home.

So I will.

Off to catch up with my reviews today. And then I might venture so far as to go down to the post office and get my mail. I'm quite happy with that right now.

Hope everyone is okay after the Big Blow. Whatcom COunty out.