December 12th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

The Power of the Dark (side)

We had no power last night.


It died sometime around 3 PM and it being winter and up north things got dark rapidly after that. We had two feeble candles--in-a-jar type things which gave off enough light to know a bear from a mouse but not much more useful than that, and an ancient chunky candle which I've owned for damn near a decade if not more and burned for maybe an hour at a time because it looked pretty - well, it burned for seven hours last night, and it probably won't last much longer. I also had a bunch of pretty scented candles in glass holders that someone gave me last christmas, but those were accent candles and not the real thing at all. The cats were mystified by the darkness. There were no lights anywhere - the entire area was out - and you could just see a ghostly hint of lantern or candle moving behind people's windows.

I did like a kid and read an entire novel by torchlight - but even our torches are dinky things and we really could use something big and solid and giving out lots of light (we live in the WOODS ferchrissakes) and so we are going out later to shop for heavy duty torches and possibly for more candles. They're forecasting another storm later this week.

Of course, no power means NO clocks (no useful ones, anyway - the non-electric ones you have to go peer at to figure out what the time is), NO phone (all our phones save one are electircally based and when the power is out they Do Not Function), No Heating (this house is WHOLLY AND ENTIRELY dependent on electrical heating, and the temperature dropped about two or three degrees inside by the time we went to bed - thank GOD for the triple paned windows and their superior insulation) and most egregiously of all No Coffee. I was not a pretty sight by the time we went to bed.

Which we did around half past ten, in the dark, and it's amazing how dark it is when it's really dark. You know that "I couldn't see my hand in front of my face" thing? Well, I couldn't. I also couldn't go to sleep.

I was still awake when the power came back on... at three AM.

I think I finally dropped off then, secure that things were getting back to normal now, but the cat woke me up by sitting on my head (you think I'm kidding don't you) at about half past seven or eight or thereabouts. I went back to bed after I evicted the cat and slept until nearly nine o'clock.

Ye gods and little fishes.