December 7th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Im in ur chrismas slaughtering ur spirit

No, really. Read the lyrics to this thing. And then contemplate THIS particular piece of horror:

I keep telling myself I have to produce an animation to go with the song, I think it would be great. Hopefully one day soon this will come about.

No comment. Except a sudden violent headache.
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

I was entrusted with babysitting this morning...

Not to come back to the subject of deer so soon, but I have to tell y'all this one. Momma and baby came back mid-morning, and then momma wandered away (presumably to catch up with errands)leaving the baby there outside my office where I could keep an eye on it. The baby ate some corn, and then settled down against the patio edge for a quick nap. Momma came back a bit later, the baby got up, they both scarfed some more of the corn, and then they went away.

A wild thing brought its child to me. I am lost in wonder.