August 17th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Just sitting by the side of the road and offering directions...

Writing can be such an Alice-in-wonderland world - and I don't mean because writers are allowed to make things up as they go along, particularly in the genre which I have wound up writing in.

No, I mean the foothold it has in the workaday side of ALice's mirror, OUR world, the one that we live and work and love and squabble and grub around in every day of our lives. The same world where you would take it as read that you would go and ask advice from an expert if you wanted to build a house, fix a car or a leaky faucet, figure out whether you needed an undercoat to paint your bedroom or what kind of glue works best for the ceramic tiles you just bought for your bathroom, invest your money or figure out your taxes, or do any of a myriad of other things which some members of our species have made their own area of expertise.

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