June 25th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Picnics and photographs

Went to a picnic today, talked (as it happens) to someone who's a couple of rungs above me on the photography thing, a guy who's just come back from a jaunt to Tibet and brought back a thousand photographs - he is giving a slide show in September, and you bet I'll be there. But he talked to me about my own set up, and possibly learning how to shoot in raw format rather than JPG, which scares me because then I'll have to learn photoshop or paintshop or some such software to a far greater degree than I can currently lay clain to. But he said he'd give me a few pointers, if necessary, and that's all to the good. He also suggested there is a particular filter I might wish to take along if I am planning photography of high-contrast stuff in Alaska, which was certainly valuable...

...and then I got home, and learned that I have actually *sold* a couple of photographs.

I'd framed and hung a few of them in the local salon and day spa establishment, owned by a friend of mine, and there they hung for at least eighteen months if not two years with little price stickers on them. Today someone bought TWO of them. I picked up the check this afternoon.

That's WILD.