June 18th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

There, have another conversation topic...

Rejections, they gotta hurt. But soemtimes you go beyond the "it didn't grab me" line into serious "HUH?!?" territory.

So what's the weirdest rejection you ever got? Mine... well, I accompanied a friend of mine to a romance writers conference back in FLorida, years ago now. Not quite the kind of stuff I wrote, but SHE did, and hey, it was a girls' weekend away, you can't beat that. So, I went, and seeing as I was there I did what the rest of the conference goers did.

Including join a sort of "meet the agents" afternoon, where groups of six or so people were flung at attending agents and the agent listened to informal pitches from the audience, as it were.

So I said a few things about my work, and got invited to send in a MS to said agent. Which I did - if an agent invites you to send a MS you do it (back then I was still not with my own inimitable current agent, and I was free as a bird... and unrepresented...)

The letter that came back was my own letter to her, on which, in the margins, she had handwritten something along the lines of, "Thank you for sending your manuscript, however, I am afraid I must decline to represent you since I am entering a seminary in two weeks".

(was it something I said...?)

I should have kept that letter. I really should have. I lost it somewhere in the move, but I seriously doubt I'll ever get another quite like it.