June 15th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

EVERY time I start feeling safe...

...it happens like clockwork.


(And the worst part is that this one just kind of vaulted into the heater, which of course wasn't on, and *disappeared*. rdeck says blithely, oh, he must have escaped into the wall. WAITMINIT. You mean these heaters are open holes into my walls where mice can waltz in and out of as they please??? WAIL WHINE WAAH and all that!

Now I keep on watching shadows. Every shadow, everywhere. It isn't just downstairs any more... this one was up in the living room. Right where I watch TV every night.

Oh, just outstanding.

Anyone have any ideas on mice extermination...? (Don't tell rdeck, he's the kind that saves cocokroaches and puts them outside so that they can live out their little lives in peace...)