May 18th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Talks To Squirrels

That's rdeck's Indian name, following the example of Dances With WOlves. Just now, downstairs in the office which is almost directly velow the birdfeeder on the upper deck, I first hear the sliding door to the deck open. Then a squirrel chittering loudly. Then sweeping falls of husks and seed remainders start whooshing down from above as the birdfeeder is cleared of detritus.

The feed box opens.

The squirrel chitters madly.

"Excuse me?" my husband says.

Then there's a few chuckles (I guess the upstairs antics have gone visual only for the time being) and then I hear,

"Is everything to your satisfaction?"


"It's okay, you can come back now..."

The door opens, closes. There's a thud. Squirrel chitters in a satsified manner.

Conversation completed.

I just wish that *I* could communicate with the little imp - perhaps I should try telling him once again that digging in the planters is frowned on...

But then, MY indian name in squirrel terms is She Who Yells Nonsense And Is Easy To Ignore.