April 16th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

I am a Godless Heathen (tm)

This morning, when I got up, I was greeted by rdeck wearing a long face and uttering the fatal words, "We've got a problem."

APparently he got up at his usual ungodly hour (anyone ELSE on this planet voluntarily get up at 4 AM??), went in to his computer, and his monitor kind of blinked and died.

We experimented, later - switching the thing off and back on, re-plugging it in, checking cables - all was in good order except that the monitor remained dark and blank.

rdeck began to go into withdrawal symptoms immediately, so we decided to go out and check out a new monitor and perhaps talk to a techie at some computer store as to what was ailing the current incumbent.

Apparnently being a pair of total GOdless Heathens, we completely forgot that, while many such stores are very much open on SUNDAYS, today was EASTER SUNDAY. Need I go on? All the stores were closed and shuttered, the partking lots ominously empty, and we finally picked up sticks and returned rather shamefacedly to the house to wait it out until tomorrow.

The dead monitor, although checked once again in the hope that things might have changed, remained dead. So much for hope of resrurrection in THAT department.

We did speak to a friend who's a tad more knowledgeable on the matter than we are, asking if the problem could be a video card (for instance) in which case a new monitor would not help - but the consensus seems to be that a new monitor it will have to be. So tomorrow, we're off monitor hunting.

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer


On the VOyageronline messageboard, a poster just wrote the following:

Here's a question that occured to me after my legs started cramping because I've been sitting in the same spot one too many hours writing. I've been writing every weekend for the last month (writing during the week is impossible) but I'm now up to 50,000 words on my third manuscript (that's not just a months worth). However for me that's fast.

So the question...

What sort of writing speed is required of a full time author? How long are you given to write for example 150,000 words?

Out of curiousity how often does everyone in the PZ sit down a write and how many words do you churn out a week or a month?

I know most of the non-published authors here have jobs and like me have to find the time to write. How do you manage?

Also is it possible to have a job and be a full time writer? What are the demands of being a full time writer?

It's the classic sort of thing that young writers ask, so I'll give it a bash Collapse )

Write. Accept critique from qualified persons. Be kind to others. Believe.