April 1st, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Happy April

We went out for breakfast, in the rain, and came back to find my Dad planting primroses in my garden. We now look appropriately festive for spring - the bulbs are all coming up, the daffodils are out and the hyacinths are just starting to unfold in purple majesty, and there are tulip buds everywhere waiting either to bloom or to be chomped by the deer. That's pretty much what happened to my tulips last year - they were deer fodder. This year the big yellow ones haven't come up very well - maybe having the leaves and flowers so comprehensively eaten wasn't very good for them. All I know is, I'm probably going to stick more tulips in the garden this year. I've decided I love them. And this year I've actually got a couple of containers of them up on the deck, outside my bedroom - and unless deer can climb vertical poles or the RACCOONS decide they want them for salad I am guaranteed at least a couple dozen flowers this season.

(Cat A is sitting on the back of my chair with her tail around my neck. Is this an attempt to make me get up and feed her (or else she'll tighten the tail....) or is she just happy to see me?)

Need to domesticky and obligationary things, before going back to work on the next book. Need to do laundry. AM having the gutters cleaned on Monday. Need to figure out why my freezer isn't, well, freezing very well. I need to get the goshdarned plumbers to either tell em they don't want to do this job or to commit to a date. I need to get on with my reading, both for review and for the award jury duty - I will be needing to give my short list to that jury fairly shortly and there are still books on my list I haven't even looked at. I have an appointment to visit a reading group which is reading "Jin Shei", on the 12th; before that rdeck amd I have a date with a local writers' organization to whose functions we go to, on the 6th. And it's APRIL dammit, APRIL, and this year is doing it again - gathering speed and rolling downhill faster than I can follow with a naked eye. before I know it, May will be knocking on the door, and then it'll be summer, and then... but before that time <lj user="rdeck'> will no doubt ask me with a sigh, more than once, why it is that I cannot live in the moment and am constantly looking ahead to where the careening year is heading rather than, well, enjoying my new primroses. If the sun comes out tomorrow, I'll take some pictures. Well. Supper. Outside the twilight is already leaching the colours out of everything, merging things into a soft muted palette of grays. I think I'll go grab that glass of wine and enjoy my evening. Work's done.