March 16th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Hello, all. New York calling...

Slowly, slowly, I'm starting to lose my abject terror of this place. I find I am starting to look forward to wandering New York's canyon streets, peoplewatching. (God, the shoes people wear in this city. I understand, up to a point, the dictates of fashion in one of the fashion capitals of the world - but NOBODY's feet are shaped like that, like a weird pointed thing, with a shoe cut so low that you can see the toes starting to branch out, barely hanging on the heel... how can anyone walk in those things? Anyone whose feet are normal and not subject to a failed CHinese binding ritual...?)

Spent an hour or so chatting to my agent - we figured out that we'd been working together for four years now, and it seems strange - like all good relationships, this one feels like it should have been both longer (in the sense that we have been partners in this business forever) and shorter (in the sense that it feels like we began living this dream together only yesterday). And long may it continue, as far as I am concerned. Later, at the lunch she and I had with two of my editors, I was made privy to some of the things that writers do to scrable and get noticed (and they do, in the negative sense...) and the more I heard the more grateful I was for my own wonderful agent's presence in my corner. It takes so much guesswork out of the equation for the writer, having an agent on their side. It's always a little surreal, wandering down 57th street towards Fifth Avenue accompanied by two New York editors both of whom have my work on their books and a literary agent with an office with a view of the Empire State BUilding - it feels like I briefly fall into someone else's life, and I cannot believe this person's good fortune, and hey, she's me... I am living my dream life and my thanks to my guardian angel.

Tomorrow I get to hobnob with a friend I get to see all too rarely, who's driving up from Phillly for the day - and then there's LUnacon, and then I have to figure out a way to get to Newark airport "at least 90 minutes before scheduled departure", and hope that I won't get up at 5 AM to achieve this and then get delayed for two hours again by high winds...

More reports from the con as it unfolds. Right now, looking out of my hotel window at the distant fairy-lights skyline of NYC complete with the unmistakable shape of the Empire State Building, it's Alma signing off.