March 15th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

aaaargh. we started beautifully....

At the airport (yay for wireless, and all that!). My plane was originally scheduled for 1:30. When I got here the departure boards had us at 1:35 - okay, I can handle five minutes.

Now we're due to depart at 2:30. Strong winds at Newark, they tell us.

I so don't know if the strong winds are likely to die down sufficiently to be navigable within an hour. I mean, if they could fly in them we'd be flying now, right...? Siiiiiigh.

This means I'll be in at Newark at well past 10 PM local time. IF, that is, we depart on time this time. I can see getting there at midnight and collapsing in a heap.

At least I'm flying first class this time around so it won't be too onerous once up in the air - but aaaaarh, dammit all, i don't like sitting at airports and just WAIIING. I don't like waiting, period. That, in fact, is one of the absolute WORST aspects of my chosen career, if writing can be said to have a worst side - the waiting. The waiting to hear about whether a book is accepted for publication or not. The waiting for a contract. The waiting for a cover. The waiting for publication. The waiting for reviews.

The waiting for the out-of-print remaindering [sigh]

well, but we got off the track just a tad - right now it's just the waiting for a plane. It's now just past one o'clock, and we aren't even supposed to be boarding, under the new time, for another hour. I'll stay connected and update as necessary... I still hope to see everyone on the East Coast on schedule...