March 12th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Oooo, I like this.

From holyoutlaw:

Take the picture you like best from the first page of Google Images results

1. The city and state of the town you grew up, no quotation marks.
(This is a ghost picture. Two of the three bridges are gone now, destroyed by bombs; the third was a wreck for a long, long time, barely back into proper operation.But this is the picture that I use for the wallpaper on my computer. This is the city of my childhood, the one I remember.))

2. The town where you currently reside.
(Beautiful, innit?...)

3. Your name, first and last, but again, no quotes.
(I used the "Alexander" persona..)

4. Your grandmother's name.
Forget it. This one won't come up with anything. Someday I'll scan in a picture of her.

5. Your favorite food.
(Anyone want to send me some, email me for an address [grin])

6. Your favorite drink.

7. Your favorite smell.