March 5th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

All right, so I haven't done my daily blog...

I wuz sick, dammit.

Sick and busy.

I kind of thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and stay hackign and wheezing in bed for the day while I finished doing the proofread of "Embers of Heaven", which I have done, which I will be putting into email form and sending off to my editor as soon as I finish writing *this*. That is the good news. The bad news is that I am still hacking and wheezing and this coughing thing is getting really *old* especially when I'm trying to get to sleep at night which assumes that I am able to actually BREATHE as I am falling asleep, something that gets disproved every time I try to take a breath and it catches in my throat and makes me cough and my poor husband is a saint, so help me, and this sentence should be taken out at dawn and shot.


Back on the bright side, I managed to catch up on reviews - wrote two of 'em this morning, and sent off to SFSite - and I've firmed up travel arrangements for New Jersey on the 15th, assuming I am able to breathe normally for long enough by then to survive a plane journey without scraping a hole in my chest and being evicted from the aircraft as a potential Typhoid Mary somewhere over the Great Lakes. I've got a lunch date set up in New York on the 16th, with my agent and two editors, and wouldn't you know the various weather forecast sites for NYC have it anything from overcast to snowing on that day, and NOT warm. Sigh.

Have started on Chapter 6, too, if only to scribble down a weave of subplot before I lose it - which is good. Am still waiting for necessary feedback from a couple of foreign language volunteers to finish up Chapter 5 properly - but with the stuff that's already in, for that particular scene, it's looking mighty good. I even think that the second book in my first trilogy might manage to stand up for itself quite well and escape the notorious "second book as bridge/filler" syndrome that some trilogies are painfully prone to. WHich is good. Trilogies, for better or for worse, are with us to stay, an instantly recognizable genre trope, and I suspect that if I have anything more of a career this will not my last trilogy. So it's good training.

More anon. Back to my To Do list, which has grown FAT. It gives me great pleasure to scratch stuff off of it as I do it. And I've already scratched off three items this morning. Not bad going for a [cough, sneeze, sniffle] invalid...