March 1st, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Let's start March with a quote...

“Because one has written other books does not mean the next becomes any easier. Each book in fact is a tabula rasa; from book to book I seem to forget how to get characters in and out of rooms — a far more difficult task than the non-writer might think. Still I went to my office every day. That is the difference between the professional and the amateur. The professional guts a book through this period, in full knowledge that what he is doing is not very good. Not to work is to exhibit a failure of nerve, and a failure of nerve is the best definition I know for writer’s block.”

Jonathan Yardley in the Washington Post
(article about John Gregory Dunne)

Someday I will write at length about the phenomenon of writer's block. For now, until this wretched cold clears the runway and allows more coherent thoughts to land in my brain, Jonathan Yardley will have to do.