January 31st, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Cold and rainy and frustrating, dammit

Chapter 2 will not quite let go of me. I kind of started 3, and got a way in it, and then somethining I did BEFORE niggled at me and didn't fit in with what I was doing NOW and finally I couldn't do any more NOW until I fixed the BEFORE the trouble is I know nebulously what's bugging me but I can't seem to quite put a finger on it to my own satisfaction and the net result is this circling around a particular section of #2 like a shark around a wounded fish completely unable to tear myself away from the hypnotic spectacle of blood in the water.


I was hoping to FINISH Chapter 3 before the end of January. Instead I spent yesterday talking to publishing professionals about book 1 (it's going into copy edit phase tomorrow, so that's ticking over) and the project to follow this one, and then the NASA email derailed me completely, and then this morning I woke up really late and it was cold and grey outside and other chores needed doing and I spent the rest of the day fussing with 2. Best laid plans...

Let's see what I can do to get this thing out of my hair before February is officially upon us - and for the record, it can't POSSIBLY be February already. This year got shoved down the slippery slope early - or is it just that, as usual, I have far too much to do and not enough time to do it in...?

UPDATE - did it, damn it, did it did it did it. I don't want my characters coming across as weak or stupid except when I WANT them to, which in this case I emphatically did not. So I fixed it. OKAY then. Chapter 2 done.