January 12th, 2006

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Slight detour...

I was all set to go full speed ahead on Chapter 2 of New BOok today, when an email arrived from the UK concerning the Next Big Project - and since my lovely UK editor asked so nicely if it was possible to have a revised update of my synopsis for said NBP by tomorrow, I kind of dropped everything to whip the dreaded synopsis into shape. I think the entire publishing industry knows by now about my iffy relationshop with synopses - I can write a perfectly good book, but ask me to write a synopsis and I flail and flounder and insist on using my usual lush language (which works fine in my ficiton, but gets so in the way in a synopsis!)

So I roped in my beloved who knows how to rein in his prose admirably, and between us we knocked the thing into shape - and I emailed it today and the editor should have it on her London desk when she gets there (which is probably in about an hour or so's time). I'm feeling awfully efficient.

Back to work on the project in hand tomorrow.

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