December 26th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

We survived...

It was, technically, the first real Mingling of Families since I got married - Christmas dinner 2005, guests: Alma's parents, Deck's son from his first marriage and HIS new wife and insta-kid (she has an eight-year-old from HER previous marriage), Alma, Deck, and a 19-pound turkey.

I have to confess I had moments of panic. How on EARTH was all this going to work?... But it worked like a charm, the turkey steadily vanished, the side-dishes were all done more or less at the same time (which is a miracle in itself) and just in time to sit down to dinner, and then my stepson finished setting up the TiVo he brought us for Christmas while my mother and I attacked the remnants of the feast and the dishes and by the time we were done we were very very tired but the kitchen didn't look like it had just been used to prepare a Christmas dinner for seven people. We had a good wine to accompany proceedings - a German Riesling I had serendipitously found the week before; we had good turkey; we had stuffing; we had mashed potatoes and peas; we had home-made cranberry sauce; we had plenty of coffee.

We had fun.

Well, that was Christmas. Now I have to finish setting up the email on that old laptop of mine this week and hand it to Dad before the end of the year, like I promised - and then, in January, I have a brand new book to start writing. Possibly two. Awaiting word on that second one. More later - watch this space.

This day being half-gone, I'm not counting it, not really - and that means five more days remain of 2005...