December 11th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Other people's "Children"

Not long ago a cat called MowMow departed this life, and his momma posted a RIP on the Voyager message board... and I wept for him, although I had never met him. Yesterday rolanni posted no more than a photograph of this beautiful cat called Hypatia, and the dates bracketing another life. And I wept for that cat, too, although I had never met her.

Back over the years of my life, I've often cried for other people's "children" - dogs that called other folks "master", cats that owned other people. Somehow I feel the loss of each of those little lives when it touches my own, even if it's only as a note in cyberspace and I never connected with them in the real-life world. But their absence, I still feel it, a small cold spot in a warm universe.

I think back on my own - the first dog I ever owned, who died of cancer, without my ever even getting the chance to say goodbye; the second German SHepherd of our house, the magnificent clown, who didn't deserve the end that she got, permanently paralysed in her back end, dying in pain; the beloved Shepherd/Rottie mix who would, on the command "Talk to Alma!" burst into these extended mutters and murmurs and whines and half-barks, an entire conversation, who also died far from me and to whom I never said goodbye. Domino, the cat I
"inherited" when I moved to America and whom, apparently, I tamed from a hissy queen to a pussycat before she got old, and blind, and plumb wore out. I remember them all, and the funny little things they did, and the presence they had in my life. SOmewhere they're all waiting for me.

And in the meantime - I've already said this, to those who lost members of their own families - my thoughts, and my tears, are there with you. And may their memory never grow dim.
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Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

So, to cheer me up, from someone else's blog...

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