December 5th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Right. It's away.

The editing on book 1 of "Last Ditch" now done, at least according to the detailed editorial letter - I just emailed the completed MS off to both the editor in question and my agent's office. Keep your fingers crossed. If they accept this and begin to move forward with it in the USA, there are apparently 36 foreign language publishers who expressed an interest in seeing the novel when it's ready to be presented to them... Keep your fingers VERY crossed.

FIne. So it's Christmas. I still owe some people some Christmas cards, and all that. I think I'll take a holiday break (possible further corrections to "Last Ditch" notwithstanding) and start writing book 2 in the trilogy in January 2006, as the very first of my new year resolutions.

And you folks down under should be able to pick up a copy of "Embers of Heaven" in less than two weeks now...