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Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

February 2016


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December 1st, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer


No, not the computer kind. The kind you look out of at the world

In order, this morning, we had twelve bluejays leaping, two squirrels scarfing, and a thrush in a cee-e-e-dar tree (not to mention the juncoes - er, sorry, the junkies - and the chickadees which don't get into the carol because they turn up in numbers which don't fit) That's upstairs, where the double handful of peanuts I put out disappeared in about two minutes flat between being mobbed by the jays and stolen by stealthy squirrels. The last one was grabbed by a jay who finally got up Laptop's nose sufficiently for her to leap at the sliding doors and the jay, startled, actually fell over backwards and dropped the peanut... and then came back with a glare and re-got it and flew away.

In the meantime, downstairs, there's an army of junkies down in the dirt... and an honest-to-goodness woodpecker at my suet basket.

And it's snowing. That quiet fall of white flakes against dark green cedars which I love to watch.

And that's the snapshot for today. Now I have to go back to the "Last Ditch" MS for my second (and hopefully final) pass before it goes off to the editor next week.

And then it's only a couple more weeks, and it's Christmas morning...
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

The December SFSite has just been posted

and if you want to read some reviews by yours truly, three in fact and all on Neil Gaiman's works, go visit http://www.sfsite.com.

And PS - it's still snowing. My Christmas lights look absolutely magnificent in it...