November 4th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

From WFC - briefly

Busy times. Had two readings (one half-hour solo, one 5-minute quick-fire with the Broad Universe crowd) and have a meeting with an editor imminently, and a panel tomorrow, and there are books in the dealers room and they are going (apparently...) so all to the good.

Onwards and upwards - full(er) reports when I get home and/or find time here (possibly on Monday before we head home) - other than that - I like Madison, and there's lots and lots of lovely colour out here. Flying over the environs of Chicago was wonderful, because there was so much red and gold down there that the entire shore of the lake looked like it had been attacked by a virulent patina of rust which (to a fantasy writer) stirred all kinds of ideas...

More later -