October 29th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Is it snowing yet?...

I keep on seeing posts in newsgroups or in LJ about snow - there's a blizzard brewing outside the home of everyone who lives east of the Great Lakes, apparently, with frosts and everything. Over here on the Pacific coast it's been positively BALMY over October, with just one vaguely frosty morning and even that barely lasted until sun-up, never mind beyond. Am I completely insane to want it to be winter NOOOOOW? [sigh]

We're going to Wisconsin for this convention, and I kept on hoping that we'd see some snow there - but no, the long-range weather forecast tells me that there won't even be anything below freezing while we're there. To speak of. In *Wisconsin*. In NOVEMBER.

I am beginning to feel deprived.
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