October 20th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Back from Seattle...

I went to the Washington State Book awards last night. I was one of the finalists this year, and no, I didn't win - but I said as soon as I knew that I had made the final 16 that I would go to the awards ceremony, win or lose, to cheer or be cheered, one way or another this is my tribe and I would be there to mark the honouring of it and its endeavours. So, I went. And I applauded. I like to think they would have done the same for me if circumstances had been different. I did learn that the final 16 had been picked from more than 200 eligible works, and I am awfully proud to have made it that far, actually. Especially with a book which was one of only two works of fiction on the short list, and the other novel had quite definite ties to Seattle as a milieu (which made my book and its mystical CHina setting even more of a strange bird, in context...) There were surprises, because "Songs of a Gorilla Nation" was on the short list too, for instance, and I was absolutely convinced that that would win it - and it didn't. Just goes to show. Sometimes you just can't call it.

Back home now, and tomorrow is packed with stuff - not least being my Dad's birthday. Somewhere in between briefing an accountant's assistant on doing my receipts in preparation for tax returns (an appointment in the morning) and stuff to do with insurance (appointment in the afternoon) I have to deal with people fixing stuff up in my garden and planting a bunch of new stuff out where they'll be clearing out the blackberry thicket, and I have to call in a competent electrician to sort out the mess that a previous one made and the possibility that the said previous one screwed up far more than he realised. WHich, if it is the case, I am going to be really REALLY mad about.

Then I really have to start writing this next novel. LIke, tomorrow. Over the weekend. Next week. I mean, NOW.

I have World Fantasy Con in less than two weeks, but that's the last big event of the year (I have a signing on November 13, but that's just a couple of hours on one day and it's local so I don't have to actually TRAVEL anywhere) and the new YA has to be done pretty damn soon because I"m working on the synopsis of the next Big THing which ALSO has to be done next week and has to be mailed off to the editor(s) who are expecting it...

Busy. Busy. Busy. And I wish to God that at least I could trust the wiring of my own house and not have to flinch every time I plug something in.