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Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

February 2016


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July 23rd, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

All right, so chalk me up as a semi-geek, anyway...

...I just got a HP iPAQ PDA - one of thise dinky little hand-held jobs that does everything from remembering your appointments to playing movies.

It's sitting there plugged in and getting charged up - and now I don't know WHAT to do next - the activation CD that came with it, according to the blurb, contains things like Microsoft Outlook 2005, all of which apparently get downloaded onto your DESKTOP system, and I don't WANT Outlook on my computer. I don't. Waah. Grumble. Whine, Moan.

I want to load up some of my photographs onto the thing so I can take it to Europe with me and show my family what my house and my cats etc all look like - but that requires coming to grips with the software first and I'm LEAVING on Thursday, and I *KNEW* I should have done this three weeks ago if I planned to do it at all so that I won't look like a complete nebbish fiddling with the thing while everyone's watching (and assumes I know what I am doing...)

There's heaps of new things to figure out now. APparently there's a screen which you can handwrite on and the thing recognises that - but I haven't found it yet, for instance. And I"d like to load a movie on there, perhaps some music. WHich, I suppose, requires headphones now.

[sigh] new toys, new toys...