July 17th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Summertime, and the living is easy

Went out this morning to pick up a copy of yesterday's Vancouver Sun, in which a writeup appears of an interview which the Books Editor of said paper did with me a few weeks ago. It's VERY nice, and I'd really point you guys to it, but the pesky newspaper won't release the article to non-subscribers, and Bugmenot, usually so effective in bypassing these "registration" pages, is useless here - possibly it's a REAL registration, one where money is supposed to change hands, and Bugmenot is out of its league. Oh well. I'll ask permission to post it on my website, if the author is amenable. It really IS very good. (I mentioned this interview before - scroll down on the blog - this is the day when I gave away a freebie of "Jin Shei" in response to that cheeky note demanding one from the car next to me in the parking garage - and this is also the interview for which the guy came to "shoot" me - and very nice photographs he takes, too...)

It was a perfect summer day in Fairhaven, not too hot, not too ANYTHING, just plain pristine and wonderful. BLue sky, green trees, those thick dense summer shadows on the ground, sapphire seas and clear views of mountains from here to Canada. Beautiful. (Did I happen to mention that I love living in this place...?) Had German pancakes (you uncouth American types insist on calling them crepes, but them's true pancakes, I promise you!) with fruit for breakfast at an oceanfront cafe, had coffee in the bookshop cafe, found out they sold at least one or two more copies of "jin shei" according to what's out there on display, bought a Bellingham baseball cap featuring its precise geographical latitude-and-longitude location to give to my middle niece when I go back home to Yugoslavia in a week or so, generally had a wonderful time.

Back home, all windows and doors open, bright sunshine outside dappling in the trees, a rich green smell of forest drifting in through my living room sliding doors, and just... being happy. Life is good.