July 12th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer


Five years married, tomorrow. I keep telling my husband that now we're SERIOUS - it's a five dollar bill, no longer just loose change.

Five years. Hard to fathom. It feels both like fifty five years or like it all happened yesterday - we've been doing corny things like finishing each other's sentences for what seems like forever but five years seems far too short for all the stuff that's happened to us within that time - a move across the country, the stroke and its aftermath, the whole Blessed Book odyssey and the sudden and somewhat unnerving realization that I have three books out in the States this year with another due next year and yet another new novel due out in the UK in February 2006, and omigod I have a sort of kind of CAREER going here. And he was there through it all, my best friend and my first reader and the first editor to touch a red pen to what I write (and make it better). I'm so damned lucky. I really am.