May 13th, 2005

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

triskaidekaphobia and other stuff

Odd day. Fridays hold no fear for me - quite the contrary - I was born on one, my parents got married on one, all sorts of good things happened in my family on Fridays. I'm not sure I am terrified of the epithet "the thirteenth", Hollywood screamer movies notwithstanding. And if you want to go that far, one of my two cats is more black than white so I've been tripping over a black cat all day - so I must be cursed already, as it were.

But - some random things.

I discovered that anemones are better left on the plant than put into a vase. They don't make good cut flowers. Or at least mine didn't - they lasted for a day, looking pretty, and they're starting to wilt. Oh, DEAR. And still on a gardening note, if anyone knows why my rhododendrons don't want to bloom, please tell me! Is there a rhodie god I am not making proper sacrifices to...?

I'll be at Wiscon, in Madison, WI, in about two weeks - two panels, a couple of booksignings, a reading. If you - or anyone you know - is likely to be there, come say hi. I'll also be doing a couple of bookstore appearances in the next couple of months - one is on my website (June 15, Village BOoks, Bellingham) and one is too new to have gone up there yet (July 18, Third Place BOoks, Seattle - watch the website for more details soon). And apropos bookstores and appearances, I emailed one specialist San Francisco bookstore complimenting them on their website and got back a reply saying how odd it was that I should contact them, right as they were discussing my work ("The Hidden Queen") with a customer who was very taken with it. They asked who my publicist was. I told them. There might be a visit to SF brewing out of all this. More as it develops - watch the website for more details. Oh, and if anyone of the female persuasion (sorry - their rules!) is interested in coming to my workshop in the beautiful San Juan Islands at the tail end of June (see "Song and word", on my website) I think there's still space... And my 2006, you know, is starting to fill already. I have at least two standing conventions that I have to go to, not counting the Worldcons. And I have a bunch of conferences lining up. I MAY have to cull - I need time to write the next *book* next year!

Just got the hot-off-the-presses copies of "Changer of days", the US edition of the second book in the "Changer of Days" duology. it looks magnificent, and the two books together look amazing, and all of a sudden I've got a handful of titles under that proverbial "Also by Alma Alexander" heading in the front of books. But I'm jiggered if I can make head or tail of the Amazon rankings. The "Jin Shei" hardcover appears to be selling better than the newly released paperback; the not-yet-quite-released "Changer of days" appears to be doing better than its predecessor, "The Hidden Queen". None of it makes sense. My husband tells me to stop obsessing, and I have every good intention in the world, and then I sneak a look at Amazon and start pulling my hair out all over again. On the bright side, "Hidden Queen" apparently made the "Beach reads" list for the summer at Borders - which is great, since people might actually default-buy books from such lists. One hopes that such a chance encounter might lead them back to look for the author's name in other guise, but we will have to wait and see... and I guess I really do have to stop consulting the Oracle of Amazon. However, the US amazon site does have just two reader reviews on it - so any Aussies who have already read the book and feel like adding a (hopefully kind) word, feel free!

Now I'm going outside to dance on the blackberries. Stomp, stomp, stomp. I wish a knew a way, short of napalm, of keeping them out of my way...

More later, maybe -


PS Speaking of Wisconsin, as I was, above there... I've never been there before... can anyone tell me what in the blazes do I pack for May in Madison? I just looked at the weather forecast page for May, and ferchrissakes, it says it SNOWED there a few days ago...
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