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YAY! It's back!

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Welcome back, dear little wordmeter. I missed you. Anyway, in celebration, here's where I'm at now, with book #3 in the Worldweavers trilogy. This is also the end of Part the First, which means I'm ROUGHLY one fifth into the book - I am envisaging four relatively equivalent "main" sections and a smaller epiloguish kind of section to bring the tale to its conclusion, and I'm AIMING at about 100 000 words. We'll see. So far, so good - things are falling into place where I want them to be.

In other news, we found rdeck a new barbershop in Fairhaven, one that comes equipped with its own dogs, Harry and Charlie, both black-and-white mutts (one beagle-spaniel cross and one elderly Border Collie-something else cross). The younger dog and I played fetch with a tennis ball all the while that my husband was getting his hair and beard trimmed. He now looks a little bit more like Ernest Hemingway again as opposed to the Amish elder he was rapidly becoming. Good barber shop, and dogs are a bonus - we'll probably be back.

We picked up a few basic groceries, mailed some mail that needed to be on its way (bills, dontcha know...) and meandered back home, where I had a bit of aggro with certain travel arrangements (I'm a little annoyed, to put it MILDLY, at Expedia) concerning Lunacon but it's sorted now - and then I finished tweaking my latest chapter to a semblance of a first-draftish order in which I'm now happy to leave it and go on to chapter the next.

Then we watched the new episode of Heroes - and all I can say is that this thing is developing an incredible depth of backstory for a "comic book" premise. I'm very much looking forward to find out what happens next.

Tomorrow... is another day. I have a few last-minute end-of-the-month things to finish off. I am working on something I want to have DONE by the time I leave for Lunacon, because I'm also going to be going to NYC to meet up with my wonderful agent and my Worldweavers editor and I want to show them this thing, so I've got a busy two weeks in front of me.

I shall probably be blogging along the way...
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