anghara (anghara) wrote,

Okay, then! Chapter completed!

And it's a GOOD one! Happy with my day!

And in other news... the "Worldweavers" website is now live! Click on the "Worldweavers" link over there to the right of the page, and tell me what you think - feedback gratefully accepted, and will be passed on to my wonderful friend and webmaster Jerry whom I cannot thank enough for being so utterly brilliant at this website design stuff. He makes pages that I could only dream of if I were left to my own devices.

And pass it on. Let people know about this site. The book hits bookstore shelves in a matter of DAYS now - I want as many people as possible to at least KNOW about that *grin*

Good day. VERY good day. I'm fully one quarter of the projected book 3 into the story, book 1 has apparently been called "engrossing" by Kirkus - KIRKUS, of all places, Kirkus the curmudgeonly - and the author is happy with the state of her book-children.

And go look at that website. Do. It's really great.
Tags: a bit of shameless self promotion, writing life

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