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Good scene

VERY good scene. One of those most excellent scenes. I like it a lot.

This new book, it could be really SOMETHING. It's growing and spreading, like this tiny little idea seed is suddenly turning into something that might just, in the fullness of time, become a great shady oak tree, strong and magnificent.

It's a sapling at the moment. But it has potential, oh yes, it has potential.

I look forward to watching this one develop.

(And just for the record, I miss the damned zoukoutou word meter. Grump.)

And while we're on the subject of Worldweavers, here's a

World Weavers: Gift of the Unmage

Like most books I've read the main character or hero/heroine is always born to a family that hates them or their powers. However this book is different the main character is the daughter of the seventh son and daughter meaning that she is a double seventh. Unless you have read the first book of the Septimeus Heap series this means that she shall be a very powerful wizard. Except for one thing she isn't witch is a disappointment to her family. In school she excels at everything except magic. In a last ditch effort he sends her to an other world. So the first part of the adventure has begun.

Miles Morgan (13)

(it's to be found here, kids writing for kids. I'm tickled silly at that "so, the first part of the adventure has begun" *grin*
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