anghara (anghara) wrote,

Ten Mistakes

Pat Holt of the Holt Uncensored book newsletter has them here, ten common writing pitfalls which are easily committed and (once you're aware of them) relatively easily fixed. I don't agree with ALL of what she says (of course I don't - EVERY writer has their own bugbears, after all, and there are some bees in my own bonnet which she doesn't even mention and some of her own which I think are overrated, but hey...) - however, it's a useful resource, especially if you're still in the early enough stages of something that this sort of checklist is a good tool to have by your side.

And just for fun.... what's YOUR current "crutch word"? In one of my early novels, a friend of mine who had volunteered to do the beta-read pass told me in a somewhat aggrieved manner that (a) she had never met ANY other writer who used the word "preternatural" so often, and (b) that it was exceedingly annoying to note that it was the precisely correct word of choice on every occasion that it appeared...
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