anghara (anghara) wrote,

It NEVER gets old...

"Hot off the presses", it says on a little card clipped to the dustjacket.

The first copy of the new book. "Gift of the Unmage" is ALIVE, and about to step out into the world.

Yes, book 2 is in editing right now (and man, there's nothing that makes a book feel more real than getting a MS full of scribbles and post-its and editorial edicts to go forth and FIX...) and book 3 is in the process of being created - the entire trilogy is in a dynamic mode right now, and the whole thing is a living breathing go-getting entity... but so far the actual BOOK, the volume that will grace bookshelves, that has not yet been a reality. Now it is. I am holding it in my hands.

Man,this just never gets old. NEVER. The wonderful shape and texture and smell of that new book. A story born of your own mind and heart and hand and spirit.

It just never gets old.

Look for it in bookstores soon, now. REAL soon. It will be there any moment.

I know.

I've seen it.
Tags: a bit of self promotion, writing, writing life, writing news

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