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Having stickered all available copies of "Jin Shei" in Village Books with my shiny "finalist" stickers, I went to the local Barnes and Noble store today to perform same to their stock. I checked in the SF section - they had 3 copies each of the two fantasy books - but they only had one copy of "Jin Shei" which promptly received its sticker and got turned face out to display it. But on the way out of the fantasy section I got hailed by an employee who obviously knew who I was: "Have we enough of your stuff back there or are we getting thin?" he asked. Turns out he does the ordering. Turns out he grabbed five more of my stickers, and promptly went to the computer to put in an order for a few more copies of "Jin Shei" before Christmas. Turns out, as he told me, that "my stuff" is selling quite well, apparently.

Well, Merry Christmas to me [grin]

In related news, goodbye cruel world for a while (although I will doubtless find enough procrastinating time to come back here and post stuff) - my edits for book 1 of the "Last Ditch" trilogy are finally here, and there's a letter with them that's SIX PAGES LONG. SIngle spaced. I hereby declare that I will be BUSY over the next couple of weeks.

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