anghara (anghara) wrote,

Hellooooo February.

Have to go to town pursuing errands tomorrow morning - but in the interstices of need-to-do things I'm quietly beavering away at book 3 of the trilogy. Yike. Book 3. Hard to imagine I'm there already.

Just watched a bit of TV, a show called Brothers & Sisters, something we more or less just found out about a couple of weeks ago - and there's some good writing in that show. Some GREAT writing. A few bits from this one lodged in my brain, and there is a possibility that a writing-related post will be forthcoming soon related to those bits - but I've got a scene to finish tonight, and errands tomorrow morning, and we'll see how it goes. Watch this space, as it were.

In the meantime, happy February. For a while there this morning, outside definitely smelled like spring - but they're forecasting a real cold night, and outside it's a full moon, that bone-white light that etches black shadows as sharp as the noonday sun's. It's so bright in my bedroom at night that it feels as though I left a light on somewhere. A wolf-night.

Well, just checking in. Back to work, I can crank out another couple of hundred words by bedtime.

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