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God give me strength.

This particular post has been inspired by a post in pegkerr's blog, THIS one, to be precise. She has the linky things for the original articles there. Read 'em both.

Laura Mallory isn't for banning Harry Potter. Oh, no - you can still "buy the book in stores or check it out from libraries". It's just the "allowing it into classrooms" that's baaaad. "Are they ready," she asks self-righteously, "to allow the Bible and prayer back into the classrooms?"

Lady... sit ye down over there, shut up for a sec, and think about the questions I am going to ask you very carefully before you answer me.

1) Do you understand the difference between the things that are known as reality and fiction?

2) Do you realise that the Harry Potter books are a representative of that second subgroup and that they consist of a story which has no political, religious or other agenda to convert anybody to anything?

3) By directly juxtaposing the Bible and Harry Potter you are committing one of two things, neither of which you will like. I assume you will sit there and hold forth at me at length how the Bible is NOT fiction, how it is God's own truth - but you are comparing it to a book of fiction which has never made any claims at all to be anything other than its own truth, standing up in the context of its own storyline only and carrying over in no way, shape or form into our reality. You are therefore EITHER saying that BOTH books are literally true in your belief - which paints your intellect in no flattering light - or you must be saying that they are both demonstrably false, fiction, a collection of tales, which makes a lie of your own religious convictions. So, are you a liar or a fool...?

You may be Saved, Laura Mallory. But from where I stand, because you can judge so contemptuously something of which, by your own admission, you know nothing except the vitriolic hald-truths and lies spread by those with vested interests to do so, you are Irredeemable.

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