anghara (anghara) wrote,

My last scheduled Authorial Appearance for the year today...

I've the Local Authors Day thang happening at VIllage Books this afternoon. Before that, I've got lunch with Himself (whom regular readers will know by now means Hubby) and Jerry, my friend and (bless him) webmaster whom you can all thank for the glorious website that I call mine and which would have looked nothing like that accomplished if it had been me hacking away at HTML. This is by way of public appreciation of a good friend whose talent in things computerese is vast... and who has also, after I dragged him to Cascadia Con, said he's considering going back to writing again. Yay! After all this, it's home, James, and on Monday (hopefully) my edits arrive and I can start working on the final version of "Last DItch" in earnest. I am hoping to have Book 1 edited to my publishers' satisfaction by the end of the year, and draft #1 of Book 2 written by March of 2006 at the latest, which means putting in some quality hours at my keyboard from now until then. After that, I have a dream book to write... but more about that, later.

In other news, November is truly come, it's gray and drizzly outside, and the birdseed I put out keeps disappearing as if by magic and then the squirrel comes to the door and peers inside as if to get the waiters' attention as to the fact that its dinner has not been served. And my pretty thrushes are really back, I hadn't seen them for months but now there's been three or four of them hanging around the feeder or rooting around in the fallen leaves outside my office windows. And (in a completely unrelated comment) we had a full(ish) moon last night, hard to tell really because it was a bright orb but veiled behind thin cloud so I couldn't see its exact shape, which washed our upper deck in this mist-muted cold white winter light and tiger-striped it with black shadows of the railing, dark and sharp enough to cut your fingers if you reached out to touch them... Ah. Winter. The cold sharp air of winter nights...

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