anghara (anghara) wrote,

Krsna Slava

Today is my family's Slava. You can read more about this custom here:

I've made the remembrance wheat, and Deck and I will be sharing this day, for the first time in years, with my mother and father, who are here in Bellingham.

Today is the feast day of St Avram, our patron family saint, which is how my people pronounce "Abraham" - and for a long time, when I was a kid, I could not understand just who had sainted the patriarch of the Jewish nation into an Orthodox pantheon and why. I later found out it was a different "Avram", but that original conceit still sometimes visits me with a wry reminder of the child I once was.

Today is a family day in my culture. Today is a family reunion, spiritual as well as actual. Today we the living will be gathering around the table with its candle and its wheat and somewhere around us and within us, even this far away across the unforgiving miles, the ghosts of our beloved dead will hover around the candle flame and be remembered.
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