anghara (anghara) wrote,

Happy new year, then!

We spent New Year's Eve quietly enough at home, in a manner which has almost become traditional in the past few years, with our friend Jerry from Seattle. He came up Sunday afternoon, helped me fix my half-dead illuminated deer (which had lost a couple of bulbs and therefore its entire head array and an entire side resulting in a somewhat surreal sight of two lighted legs standing there in the darkness as one drove past our house at night, with just an ominous shadowy suggestion of a looming deer head above them...) and then we watched Hogfather (VERY good production!) on TV, had dinner, waited up for midnight and watched the ball fall in Times Square, finished our champagne and went to bed. This morning we wallowed around, had breakfast, had coffee, and then he left about lunchtime to go back to Seattle and his other holiday commitments there.

We're home.

My two deer are outside, happily grazing at the spilled birdseed.

I have a book proposal to give the once-over and email over to New York tomorrow. Sometime within the next couple of weeks I start writing BOok 3 of the YA trilogy, and hopefully editorial comments (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be along the lines of "nice job, well done, it's off your plate now" as opposed to, "there's just a few things...")will be in shortly. In a couple of weeks we go to our first convention of the year, Rustycon in Seattle. And off we go, hitting the ground running.

Happy 2007, and may there be good things in store for all. 358 days until Christmas *g*

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