anghara (anghara) wrote,

The cat that broke my heart

'Twas the day before Christmas and in the pet shop
there's a bank of wire cages with "Adopt Me!" on top.
In some there are kittens. They'll all find a home -
they were even first in this little poem,
they're cute, cuddly little bundles of soft tabby fur
and they know how to flirt and they know how to purr.
In the next cage, all alone, a pretty cat lies -
she's no longer a kitten, but has lovely blue eyes
and her fur is a pale cream sprinkled with fawn,
and she lies there resigned, all alone.
I came in and said, "Hello you sweet beast..."
And the kittens next door, who needed it least,
started purring as though to say "No, look at ME!" -
first one, and then two, and then all three -
but the poor blue-eyed cat with the pretty white face
just lay there in silence, not joining the race
for love or attention - just lay there - then I saw
it stretch through the wire cage with one sad white paw
and reach out towards me with a silent plea -
"If you have a home to share, share it with me..."
I cannot, sweet cat. You weren't meant to be mine.
But if there's really a God out there I hope something divine
reaches out and touches your sad, lonely fate
and finds you a hearth before it's too late.
I touched your soft paw and then turned away.
I hope you'll wake up someone's darling on this Christmas Day.

(If anyone in the Bellingham area is looking, she's at the Petco Adoption Centre)

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