anghara (anghara) wrote,

Golden stickers, Wisconsin cheese and other marginalia

Didn't win the WA State Book Award, but I *did* just get in the mail a handsome certificate telling me that I had been named a finalist and about 20 shiny golden stickers that say "FINALIST - WA STATE BOOK AWARDS!" I plan on going around my local bookstores and sticking one on every book I can find. There's a Local Authors event at my beloved local independent bookstore, Village Books in Fairhaven, on Sunday November 13 - if you're in the area, come see me, I'll be there from about 2:30 to about 3:45 - and I'm taking my stickers there and putting one on every copy of "Jin Shei" that I can lay my hands on. Hey, if you're sent golden stickers, flaunt 'em, is what I say!

We bought an unconscionable amount of cheese when we were in Madison, because Deck likes ancient and almost moldering cheddar cheese and this little store just behind our hotel in the city sells cheese that's EIGHT YEARS OLD. That's right, folks, it's old enough to be in grade school. I got myself a more modest amount of a very nice smoked mozzarella they do there. All in all it was some five pounds of cheese, so we told 'em to ship it. It arrived this morning, while we were out, and we found it sitting at our front door. I guess we're lucky some passing raccoon didn't consider this to be a tasty snack (opening a ratty cardboard box would be absolutely nothing to one of those critters, I've seen them chew through PLASTIC) and leave us eight-year-old cheddar crumbs on our doorstep to mark his passing. However, we returned in good time and the cheese has been refrigerated. We're going back to Madison in May for Wiscon 30, but they don't ship during summer months, so when we come home from THAT Deck will have to be content with whatever he can carry in his bag...

In other news, the first snow has been sighted on the hills above Lake Whatcom, out pretty thrushes (whom we hadn't seen all summer) are back at our feeders, the squirrels have emptied the hanging feeder yet AGAIN, and having just returned from grocery shopping I have now discovered that I am in urgent need of kitty treats because my two adorables love nothing better than to crunch on those and I am down to the dregs on the bottom of the last box. I could have SWORN I had more of it down in the larder, but apparently I am losing my mind... SHADOW DIRT... er, sorry, channelling, see last entry.

This morning we could smell snow in the air.

Love it. Love this time of year, love living here. Yes, I know I've said that before, it bears repeating...

Off to check my to-do list for today, which is full to overflowing. That, of course, is why I am here writing on LJ.

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