anghara (anghara) wrote,

Done, done, done, done and sent away into the ether!

The revisions of BOok 2 of the Worldweavers trilogy have just been committed to the folks who need to have 'em. I think I managed to address my editor's points - at the very least there are a lot of tick marks in her editorial letter which I believe the revisions have addressed. With a bit of luck she'll be able to glance at it before the Christmas break, which means that I should have at least a preliminary reaction by the time she leaves the office. If further tiny tweakings are required I'll do them over the break and she should have a clean MS from which to work in January.

It's a little slimmer than its original 108 000 words... but it's still a hefty chunk of MS. And it's *off my desk* (potential retweakings notwithstanding).

Now I can start planning book 3. THat's what next year's for. And BOok 3 is going to be WONDERFUL, if half the ideas that I currently have for it bloom into their glory.

But right now... allow me to revel in it just a little... done done done done done done DONE and sent away!
Tags: writing, writing life
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