anghara (anghara) wrote,

Yeech. Dey done changed things around.

My nice familiar interface is now a morass nf NewFangledStuff.

Wednesday. Middle of week. I have four chapters of edits left. I very much hope to have it all done and sent off by tomorrow evening, or at least Friday morning. My editor will have it in time for the weekend. Then I've a bunch of other little chores to finish off and then I have to start reading for Book 3, REALLY I do.

We went out the day after the big blackout and bought a great big lantern of a flashlight (it takes FOUR D baterries, it's fricking ENORMOUS and it sends out enough light to bring a 747 down safely in pitch blackness). I wanted to get an oil lamp but although everyone in town has actual oil FOR lamps, not one store I went to had a lamp to put said oil INTO. I mean, they can't ALL have sold out - did everyone in my neighborhood suddenly rush out and buy one before I got a chance at 'em? Perversely, now I REALLY want one. So I'll keep hunting.

They're taking hurricane force winds on THursday night. Can't wait. No, REALLY. At least this time we won't be sitting in the dark if the power goes.

Wrapped the last of the Christmas presents today. Everything's under the tree now. Looks really pretty. It really is my favourite time of the year. debtaber, I actually have a card I meant to mail to you until I realised that I only have your street address and out where we live that don't help. Maybe I"ll drop it off one day next week...

Oh, and apropos of nothing in particular - John Scalzi ranks SF people blogs according to their Technorati rankings - so I went and took a look at my own - Scalzi's list cuts off at 59 000 and change, and I'm currently at 69 000 and change. Getting there, getting there...

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