anghara (anghara) wrote,

oh, AWWWW.

Yesterday a deer came ambling by my office window, and at one point she had climbed up onto the paved area right outside my office and paused there, staring directly at me through the glass, and I thought I knew what she was trying to say.

"You're welcome," I said.

And she flicked her magnificent ears at me, and gave me another long soulful look out of those dark and long-lashed eyes, and then wandered slowly away.

Today - just now - she was back... with a baby in tow. I had poured out some cracked corn for the birds and they both seemed to like that - but I went upstairs to get rdeck and tell him they were there so he said, "Throw them an apple."

"They'll just run away if I start lobbing things at them," I said.

"They'll come back," he said.

So I threw down an apple. THey registered its presence and didn't run away, still being busy at the corn; we watched them from the upstairs deck for a while, and then we came back inside and he went to his office and I came back down to mine - and watched the two of them companionably sharing that apple.

They're still here, as I write, nosing around where the corn was, tongueing the salt lick I put out for them.

I love my house.
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