anghara (anghara) wrote,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?

It's ankle deep out there, and still piling - I know, because one of our young trees has trouble with the weight and I've been going out there and shaking it down every so often and the last time it went into my ankle-high boots and made my feet wet...

(I have to go out there again, and it's DARK outside - pray that I don't break my leg or something!)

In other news, we filled an old and scratched up and retired muffin pan with bird feed and put it under the eaves of the house - and the little birds have been shivering on it all day. There was a deer out there just before it got too dark to see, a single doe, looking lost and sad-eyed against the winter trees. The cats are staring outside in baffled bewilderment and turning to look at me and going, "What IS that stuff?"

They tell me it isn't going to stop soon - maybe late Tuesday.

I'm glad we don't have to GO anywhere in the early part of this week. No, really. Our roads out here are windy, narrow, slippery and they are not - or haven't been yet - cleared, so driving is an adventure...

They're talking about 18 F tonight. Ouch.

Going out to shake the tree down, and then to have some supper.

Tomorrow morning, against the backdrop of silent snow, we're decking out the Christmas tree. Tis, as they say, definitely the season...

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