anghara (anghara) wrote,

and that was October, folks...

Well, there's tomorrow, but it doesn't count - it's practically here anyway and it'll fly past as days do and then it's November...

We had a social weekend, first dinner with both local and visiting (Canadian) friends, at the Skylark resraurant which is always a good place for us to go to - and then the Halloween party, apparently an annual affair here in Bellingham but since we just connected with this crowd new to us. We hung around there for a while and then Deck and I absconded relatively early. Our Canadian visitors, who were staying with us, arrived "home" to darkest Sudden Valley sometime after 1 AM and then we talked some more and if the time hadn't changed I would have woken up at the unspeakable hour of quarter to ten. As it was, it was quarter to nine, which was already late... Anyway, we went on to breakfast at the Old Town Cafe, which (again) is always a fun place to go and we hadn't been there for a while - it just seemed that more parties of 8-or-more were entered in the waiting list than usual so we had a bit of a wait around to get seated. But breakfast was had, with the accompaniment of local musicians, and unfortunately we had to leave just as the musicians were getting really GOOD. Oh well, maybe we'll catch them again...

Then we had more coffee at a local bookshop-slash-cafe in downtown Bellingham with the Canadians, who picked up sticks and aimed for the border about an hour ago.

Now we have Halloween Night to get through tomorrow, and after that it's the Last Convention of the Year, and after that I"ll have to knuckle under and really WORK.

Kinda looking foreward to drowning in another novel, very soon...

It's raining. It's almost November. It's the tail end of another year.

How life goes on...

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