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Orycon Schedule


2 - 3 PM
"Magic in Literature- does it lighten the reality of magic?"
(one of the sentences in the panel blurb is, "...should [magic] coem with some sort of warning on the label?" My instant response of "Hell, YES!" might make for an interesting panel discussion...)

3 - 4 PM
"Characters are People Too"
(I'm MODERATING this one. We're going to have fun)

5 - 6 PM
"When the Heroine ISN'T 18, blonde and a size 3"
(it's those pseudo CHina books of mine, I tell you. Those heroines are definitely not blonde...)


1:30 - 2 PM
(I WILL have a couple of copies of the hardcover first edition of "The Secrets of Jin SHei" - the one with the glorious cover - it was a finalist for the Endeavour, this one, remember? They're not easily available any more, being technically out of print, but you'll be able to get a shining new copy of it from me at this time for a special Con price - do you have a good friend who needs a nice Christmas present...)

4 - 5 PM
Writers WOrkshop
(I'll be out of circulation, discussing writing with several aspiring writers - am looking forward to this...)

5 - 5:30 PM
(There WILL be candy, and there WILL be a door prize - a brand spanking new UK paperback edition of "Embers of Heaven", the follow-up to "Jin shei". You can't GET this one in the shops in the US, folks. The bonus is that the reading will be from the new YA, due out early next year...)


3 - 4 PM
"How to Write About SOmething You Know Nothing About"
(the joys of research....)

If you're there and you see me, wave.
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