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The afore-promised Part The Second...

Okay, so you Brits and Aussies and other assorted non-North Americans have had access to "Embers of Heaven" for some time, so you were excluded from the last contest - because it was aimed at folks who might find the book hard to get.

The North Americans will, in the fullness of time, be able to obtain "Gift of the Unmage", the first Worldweavers book, with relative ease in their local bookstores - starting in February 2007 - and before that preorders are being taken at Amazon RIGHT NOW, so that side of the planet's covered. My lovely agent has already sold a Polish edition of the trilogy, but as yet there is no indication of one to be published in the British/Aussie/etc general readership area.

So here's the thing. THIS competition is ONLY for those not living in the United States and Canada. The prize... is one Advance Readers Copy of "Gift of the Unmage", Book 1 in the Worldweavers trilogy. Same rules apply as with the "Embers" contest - I will screen the comments to this post, if you are interested in being in the draw please leave me a comment saying so with an email address to which I can apply to the winner for a mailing address.

You have until I return from Orycon to put in your names - let us say that the draw will take place on November 20.

Please note the icon - it's a picture of the artwork on the extraordinarily beautiful cover of the new book...

Good luck!
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