anghara (anghara) wrote,

It'll all be up OFFICIALLY, as it were, on my website later...

...but since everyone and their LJ shadow appears to be doing this (should we call it the COnMeme?) here's a tentative list of places I KNOW I'll be at next year:

Rustycon (January 12-14)

Lunacon (March 16-18)

Wiscon (May 25-28)

Worldcon (Japan,September, and it's going to be a longer trip than just the con weekend since I"ll be going for an extended sightseeing/research trip afterwards!)

PROBABLY VCon in Vancouver, first week of October

WFC (November 1–4)

PROBABLY Orycon, mid November

That's plenty. I have another book to write next year, in between all this.
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