anghara (anghara) wrote,

I'm here for the rest of today -

- so it isn't as though I'm disappearing imminently, but I WILL be away at WFC for about six days starting tomorrow and I may or may not get to post something controversial between now and then which has to serve as entertainment for y'all (I get to use y'all - I'm going to fricking TEXAS in the morning) while I'm gone.

So I'll preempt myself and post something controversial now.

Over at Jennifer Fallon's blog (see link, over on the sidebar) there's an entry on her visit to a school and how the kids responded to her (I particularly love their response to being asked whether they wanted her to come back to see them, and she asked when they wanted her to come back, and they said, Tomorrow. Ya gotta love that enthusiasm...) However, that, however sweet, is not what I'm about here. What I'm going to throw at you is not the cuteness of that visit, but something said in the comments to that particular post - to wit, one responder's assertion that he likes J K Rowling "...well enough, for all the damage that she's done to fantasy."

I may have an opinion on this, but before I divulge it... over to y'all (hee! I get to use "ya'll TWICE!). Discuss.

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